Saturday, January 3


This post is party to push the butt off the top of my blog (I am in public and every time I open that window I fear I'll make people uncomfortable).

I never introduce myself to bartenders or baristas.  I know when I slung coffee it was always a weird position.  People just assume they have an relationship with you because they see you everyday.  You HAVE to deal them.  So now, as a customer, I let them make introductions.  So it was nice when they finally introduced themselves today.  It is a bit of acceptance.  "We are cool with you being here everyday."  Although it might just be "We want to know your name so we can mock you when you leave."

No.  I am not insecure.

Update:  They have had three conversations in the last 15 minutes - Three's Company plot points, whow you would least like to be trapped in an elevator with, and what things can be improved by wrapping them in bacon.  Yes, this is why I hang out here.