Saturday, January 3

"21 years in captivity..."

The coffee/ice cream shop around the corner from my home that I am currently blogging from has a childcare/playspace (like a non-corporate Gymboree).  A 4 year boy in puffy coat and mittens is standing in center of coffeeshop portion.  His father is standing by the entrance of the playspace trying to convince his son to come play.  The boy is obviously nervous.  

"Come on, Kevin.  Let's go play."
"I'm scared..."
"It's okay.  Nelson Mandela will be here soon.  Let's go play."
"No.  I'm scared."
Nelson Mandela is coming.  He'll be here any moment."

I am operating under the impression that "Nelson Mandela" is the name of one of Kevin's friends (which say TONS about my neighborhood), but if the actual Nelson Mandela walks in the door and buys cones for all the children, '09 will be the best year ever.

Update: Nelson Mandela got here.  He immediately took charge and made sure all the others kids were playing well together.

Update 2: Now Nelson Mandela is putting on a puppet show.  He has a lion and a zebra puppet and roaring.  I think it is symbolic morality play but unsure what the message is.