Sunday, December 28

Another attempt at the ol' gamin'

Last night I ended up starting another game, for better or worse.  I am hoping that I am structuring this story/attempt in such a way that will be easier to keep going.  (1) It is less ambitious in scope (at least to start).  The last one, the large meta-plot was main driving plot, which meant there was a ton of balancing of how information got delivered to the players.  Inthis case, I am making it up as I go along.  I had no idea what I was going top do until I hear the characters.  Today I have some theme ideas and such.  Luckily most of the beginning story would be just self-discovery, which hopefully means that the players and I get to discover the story together.  (2)  The setting is pulled much closer from the source material.  The last one was such a massive mish-mash of sources that I ended up creating so so much.  Which I enjoy, but it makes it hard to pull things out thin air.  And seeing as this is set in a gaming world I spent many many years in, I know it forward and backward.  (3) Because it is a world I adore and miss and am curious about what it is like 7 years later, it is a fun way for me to explore it again.  It's kind of like the new BH90210.  It's a bit like the story I told with Liz and Erin playing werewolves where I looked at the affects Silvertongue was having on the world.  (Yes, that last sentence made no sense except to about 6 people.  And if any of the those 6 people end up in NYC, I might have you do a cameo.)  (4) It was hard to do the last game because there felt like there was a need to follow almost every waking moment of the characters... and their lives where very tight interwoven.  This has more freedom to one-on-ones and such.  Because, more than anything else, it was the juggling of schedules that killed the last one.  (Okay,  it isn't dead.  It is just hard to look at since I know it is anywhere from 10 to 20 sessions from complete.)

Anywhozits, its fun to watch people play for the first time.  And its fun to see new people stumble in to the shadows the NYC I knew before I ever moved here.  Besides it gave me an excuse to play Hedge again.