Tuesday, December 30

By request...

Here's the thing.  I know that my brain doesn't quite function in this reality.  It is some where else a large portion of my days.  It's often hard for me to find ways to get those thoughts and images out into this world.  That's one reason why I like gaming.

When gaming the other night, I realized that a play stronger than I do on stage.  That's ridiculous.  I need to channel that energy and intensity.  In part is the difference in goals.  Gaming is LONG long form improv.  It's not trying to make the next minute and a half entertaining but make the story mean something.  But there is something there.

I'm going to the Jersey shore for New Year's.  I'm very happy with that choice.  But I need a sleeping bag in case I end up on the floor and not in a bed.  I'm fine with sleeping on the floor.  I also need gloves.

I am debating going to the gaming store to look for 10+ year old books.  I don't need them but I am realizing that there are so many bits and details that I have forgotten.  I could just make them up myself I suppose.  But the next chapter is going to be hard to balance.  I need to introduce the characters to the world and how the world works and how different factions think the world works.  The players should feel that their way is right and true.  (Not "right as in "just" but "right" as in "best.")  And it needs to be convincing and, most importantly, rich.  The more I can flesh it out the better.

Maybe that is my improv problem.  I have always had a problem with specifics in scenes.  Although I am obsessed with pop culture, it is often in broad terms.  I never remember lyrics to songs or the names of bands or actors.   I immediate jump to grand ideas and thoughts.  I can flesh out a world of entirely making without problem.  I can even share that creation process with someone.  But when an audience is not in that world, when they are observing it, specifics can be great to make it so that they can relate to it.  

I'm not quite being clear.

My relationship with my body is a complex one.

I am either too disconnect to the world outside or too connected to it.