Friday, August 15

Things I hate

• MySpace and all of its flashing ads and confusing chaos.
• Any page that automatically starts to play music. This includes MySpace pages and blog and, for some reason, higher class restaruants in NYC. Look, I can play my own music. I am playing my own music. I don't want to hear your music. At least give me a frackin' option before you start playing it.
• People looking at me to decide where we should eat. Because I will pick. I'll give you options. But chance are you are a lot pickier than I and I have no desire to just keep listing things until you find one you like. Here is my theory: As soon as you nix one of my ideas, you have to put up an option of your own. Same thing goes for seeing a movie.
• Public radio pledge drives. I'll deal with them but I still hate them.
• WNYC's new show The Takeaway. Who in their right mind thought that morning news needed to be dumped down. Oh, right. America.
• Manta rays. Yes, still.