Wednesday, August 13

Del Close Marathon - Veal!

I have tons of thoughts which will filter out in posts over the next few weeks. I'm still processing.

But until then pictures of me performing with Veal. There are too many good photos by Del Far over on Flickr to post them all. (Thank you so much, Del Far. You rock my socks.) Go look at your conveince. Right now here are some of my favorites of me.

Me trying to decide whether or not to get it on with the dangerous hot girl.

I swear it looks like we're doing Grease here.

I am convinced we are doing Grease.

From our group game. Andy is such a joy to match. Also Ashley loks like an angel on the left and on the right we have Frank. Man, I love Frank.

Me realizing sex is messy and icky. Not my best move ever. Kristen is so fun to play with because I know she's on board for anything. And her characters crack me up.

See? Sex is icky.

Doug and I re-enact Apollo 13. I bet I would work in an Apollo 13 reference in every show I did if I could.

This photo is actually out of order. It was from our opening. This is improv to me. Support, trust, surprise.

And it makes me feel like Jesus Christ Superstar.