Saturday, August 16

Saturday Afternoon

I don't like golf. Oh, it is fine in the abstract. The mental game, blah blah. But I don't like watching football on TV so I sure wouldn't chose to watch golf. Except I do. It's that stupid Saturday afternoon, folding laundry thing. Turn of the TV and nothing is on except golf.

I just spent 30 minutes watching a special about the Metlife blimp. 9 minutes about one camera man you specializes in golf. It was very dramatic with dramatic music (including Bruce Springsteen's The Rising). I totally forgot that the Olympics are on. I could have watched that.

Anna invited me to get on I'm on similar thing on Facebook but it is such a pain there. So I am enjoying trying to remember every book I've ever read and putting them in. I was searching for Thunderstruck and found Thunderstruck (Harlequin Nascar). I didn't realize therewas a whole line of Nascar romance novels but it makes perfect sense.
If Mick Churchill thinks he can buy out half of Shelby Jackson's family-owned race team, she's got news for him. So what if Mick's the most famous soccer star on the globe--with cash, connections and charisma? Fuel line? Finish line? Shelby doubts the Brit knows the difference.
I bet Mick and Shelby get together at the end.

Danger Zone is the highest rated Harlequin Nascar book on Amazon.
On NASCAR owner Buck Buchanan's fortieth birthday he blew out the candles on his cake thinking of Jenna Williams, his love from twelve years ago. Later that night, Buck gets the shock of his life when Jenna rings his doorbell. Jenna's daughter has been kidnapped and she needs Buck's help to get her back.
I should start writing videogame romance novels. Or roleplaying romance novel. I would write improv ones but that would just be sad.

I am enjoying the song Ikea by Jonathan Coulton.

The coffeeshop/ice cream parlor/childcare place down the block was madness this afternoon. I really wanted a milkshake but the women behind the counter had just finished cleaning up the mess she made from th previous milk shake and I felt bad so I just got coffee. Not as satisfying. Maybe I should have asked for a child.

Tonight we are going to a bowling alley/bar in Williamsburg to celebrate my teammate/friend Matt's birthday. I've been wanting to go there for awhile. I miss bowling. Bowling is hard in NYC. Bowling alleys just take up so much space. Per square foot, it is probably a horrible entertainment value.

I like adding two spaces after my sentences but I just realized that Blogger likes to change them back to one. That's weird.

I hope Monday is a good day and not a sad one. If it is a sad one I will go to Maude Night at UCB and be a horrible audience member. I'll be grumpy and frustrated.

Thank You, Robot had a decent show last night. We're working on stretching our abilities and getting out of our comfort zone. That sometimes leads to some difficult moments. It's a process.

Quoted without permission because I think it is both funny and amazingly sweet.
Adam: that's a huge stretch
Anna: you're a stretch
Adam: you're a sketch
Anna: yep, I'm a ridiculous premise heightened to the point of absurdity created for people to laugh at
Adam: and enjoy