Sunday, June 15

Thoughts for a Sunday Morning

Here I am, hanging out at the UCB classrooms, waiting for Thank You, Robot's weekly practice to begin.  I'm noshing on a bagel, drinking coffee, basically trying to wake up.  This weekend has been a whirl wind of doing stuff around the house, making plans for next week, and seeing shows.  Tons of shows.

I wish I had been awake enough to discuss them after returning home on either Friday or Saturday night... but that was not the case.  And it won't happen today either.  Hopefully Monday I can ramble on a bit about the following stuff:

• That Indiana Jones and the City of Lost Gods script
The Apple Sisters show at The P.I.T. and why silly is good.
The Incredible Hulk and how Marvel will either reinvent superhero movies or (most likely) fail.
• Why I will probably end up seeing The Happening even though I know it is crap.
Baby Wants Candy and musical improv
• Why A Week of Kindness is brings me joy
• Improv audiences vs. sketch comedy audiences: YouTube Makes Skirts Shorter
Tens of Thousands makes me bounce
• Other shows I basically slept through