Monday, June 16

Indiana Jones and The City of Mindless Repetition


I started to write a whole entry about the Frank Danabont Indiana Jones script. All sorts of insightful thoughts and observations. But then I realized it came down to one thing: It had more Marion.

Really, it had a lot of the same problems of the filmed version. Most of it was just a Greatest Hits collection of action set pieces. I enjoyed where they start off playing with Jones' age, but it gets pretty much dropped. I also liked the Cold War stuff... but that gets dropped. There is a fun bit in the early on with a drunk, depressed and old Jones but it doesn't really go anywhere. A lot of dumped moments in Crystal Skull (see: monkeys and vine swinging) have there genesis in Danabont's script. They're less stupid... but still manage to be pretty stupid. And, yes, it is still aliens. They are angry aliens and the script doesn't feel the need to give as mindlessly stupid exposition at the end, but it adds up the same.

But it had more Marion and that is key. The Indiana/Marion relationship should be the center on it all. It makes me sad to think what might have been instead of the basically "I'm along for the ride roll she was given."

Monkey poop indeed.