Tuesday, June 17

Open Invitation to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Thank You, Robot has opened their arms to improv team/Mtv Real World 20: Hollywood cast Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (or WTF).


Dear Joey, Kimberly, Dave, Sarah, Will, Brianna & Greg,
We'd love to give you a slot at one of our SUMMER FRIDAYS shows at Under St. Marks. We won't even ask that you bring 15 audience members. The fact is, it is hard to say you've really done the improv thing until you play in a basement in The Village. Heck, I might even buy you all a beer at Grassroots Tavern afterwards.
P.S. - Sorry Brianna and Greg. You won't be able to get into Grassroots. They card EVERYONE.
EDIT: P.P.S. - I just started watch episodes. Joey, you also aren't going to Grassroots.