Tuesday, January 23

So I did what now?

Yesterday I decided to make some more Goggle Alerts. "Idiotarod," "Thank You, Robot," some other junk. But also my name. Hubris? Perhaps. Vain? Oh, most definitely. The problem is that my name is a fairly common one. So the first thing Google Alert does is info dumps a bunch of old news stories and blog entries. A lot are about a singer/song writer in Long Beach, CA. I've heard a few of his songs... not my cup of tea. Luckily the gay porn actor appears to have stopped working a few years ago, so none of his stuff came up.

But this morning I get "C— S— Pleads Guilty To Attempted Rape."

There was a slightly nice spin to the story. Apparently I was planning on pleading not guilty and have a long grueling trial where the victim would have to testify and all of that. But then I saw a TV program dramatising how traumatic rape trials can be, so I decided to show some compassion and pleaded guilty. See? Even my rapist doppelgangers are considerate.

EDIT: Oh, great. Now I am getting Google Alerts about my post on Googe Alerts. I need to change it to once a day as oppossed to As It Happens.