Saturday, January 27

IDIOTAROD 2007! Early Numbers Are In!!!

Number of potstickers Number Six made before he got bored: 22.
Number of racers COBRA attempted to reach by phone: appox. 155.
Number that said "Wait. I get to my pen because I am in a cow suit": 1.
Number that said "Damn it. My brother gave you MY fucking phone number": 1.
Number of COBRA Brand Jumpsuits of Destruction and COBRA Shirts of Cunning silkscreened by the Amazing Silkscreening Timolicious: I lost count but it was a lot.
Number of COBRA Members that really wanted to see the CSI:NY episode "Obession": 5.
What My Tivo apparently recorded over said episode: Gilmore Girls.

Minimum number of beers/ciders consumer at COBRA's Pre-Idiotarod Gathering: 92 + one 40oz.
Minimum bottles of John Walker Red Label: 1.
Minimum bottles of wine: 2.
Number of bottles of Showket, Sangiovese, 2000, that were pulled from my personal collection, opened and one class drunk: 1.
Where the Showket falls on the list of "bottles I was saving for a special occasion": #2.
Number of times this has happened to me with Showket: This makes 2.

Cups of coffee I have already drunk today: 3.