Tuesday, January 23

Barbarically Brilliant Spectacle

The Idiotarod is always hard to explain to people. They tend to get way too caught up on the "race" part. Flavorpill NYC has decent discription.
If Alaska's Iditarod is a competition of endurance, then NYC's annual Idiotarod is a competition of lunacy, if not idiocy. Replacing dog sleds with shopping carts, frozen wilderness with city pavement, and physical stamina with high alcohol tolerance, this is a barbarically brilliant spectacle to both see and experience. Teams of five costumed, cart-bound participants must reach checkpoints throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan while avoiding officially sanctioned sabotage and the occasional cop. Part Halloween parade and part roving, drunken food-fight, the Idiotarod questions the integrity of natural selection with shameless delight. If Darwin could only see us now.

I would say some of us would rather that there was less food fight... or at least food that was less wet, but what are going to do?