Tuesday, January 16

The Battle of Brooklyn Reeactment Post-it Tag

I have had a dream of reenacting the Battle of Brooklyn in Prosepct Park for a while now. Originally it was conceived of as a water balloon fight, but I have always been worried about innocent bystanders getting hit and then the clean up of a few hundred burst water balloons. Also it is hard to decide when you have actually been fatally hit. So I have been stymied for almost two years.

But tonight, just as I was trying to go to sleep, it hit me: Post-It Tag. Each person starts with a certain amount of Post-Its on them. Players grab Post-Its off each other, sticking them to them selves. If you lose all of your Post-Its, you're dead. The Post-It also allows some other tricky things. See, I want to do the Reeactment RIGHT, and that means not restricting it to the standard Revolutionaries and Red Coats. I want to include the French... the Ninjas... the Robots... the Pirates... the Zombies... But how can a Zombie makes someone else into a Zombie? Easy! Slap a green Post-It on someone's forehead!

Some times the brillence of my brain amazes me.

Expect it this spring.