Monday, February 5

Things I Learned Yesterday

• In the short term, New York can mess with your mind.
• I'm still in a slump, but I see a path up. I think.
• JB's English Adventurer is my new bestest friend.
"Fagstronaut" is an under used word.
• In the long term, New York will mess with your mind.
• I just don't feel funny lately.
• I don't even care about the Superbowl ads anymore.
• I can dress so that I can comfortably sit on the sidewalk in the freezing could for and hour and a half.
ASSSSCAT sometimes cancels 9:30 performances.
• There are only so many times you can invite someone in before you just give up.
• Warm sake is the perfect cold night drink.
• Warm sake is not the best wallowing drink.
• The best photographers on Flickr are possessive.
• Some people just aren't going to be happy.
• Don't write checks your heart can't cash.