Thursday, February 8


My improv class was fun last night. Yet another struggle, but fun. We worked on monoscenes last night. Think of it as a continous scene in one unchanging location in real time. I think I really got it by the end. I'm still not being funny... but I am locking very well onto the idea of a having a solid point of view. When I do that, I stop thinking of all the rest of it and just commit to the character. Now the problem may be that I'm just not that funny. Maybe that will come. But I'm much happier with me playing "true" and not funny than "funny" and not true.

In the rest of the world I am having diffculty being classy. I pulled it off for a week and then I just stopped. I'm just not classy, I guess. I don't know. I feel like I stumbled into a bunch of webs and I tried to stand there and look cool. "What? I have spiderwebs in my hair? No biggie. I'm cooool." But then I suddenly yelled, "My god! Get this crap off me! Get it off!" And I waved my arms in the air and ran around in circles for a few days.

Well, now the webs are off for the most part. I'm standing there, surrounded by broken webs, feeling a bit sheepish. Back to square one, I suppose.