Thursday, February 8

Stuff I've Seen

First, I know the second and third and fourth parts of my Idiotarod observations are way way late. They are still coming. I have just been plowing hard into my new novel. I caught the wind and once I do it is hard for me to focus on much else.

I have been working on a large Idiotarod project that the vast majority will never see. I'm proud of it and I hope it is appreciated. It has been a great way to think about the entire thing. Sorry I can't go into it right now. (Doesn't really matter since you'll never see it.)

As I mentioned before, I saw a mass load of improv this week.

On Saturday I had my class show but I already mentioned that. I tried to see Asssscat 3000 on Sunday, but after waiting in line for over an hour in the icy winter air, they cancelled the 9:30 show. But I also talked about that.

On Monday I saw the sketch shows Making Lemonade and KROMPF: The Ol' Factory. A very very small audience which can kill many a show. But both were good. Making Lemonade is a fairly standard one man show. Five characters, one messed up family. Nothing too ground breaking but well done. KROMPF is of course on of my big improv crushes, so I was very interested in seeing their sketch. Even with the small audience, I still laughed hysterically. Part of that is that they are just my type of comedy. Very much the Kids In A Hall melancholy/absurdity. I think my only regret is that I would love to see them explore characters more, but that would basically require they be given an hour show. Anthony King, give KROMPF a full hour. Anyway, go see it. You probably won't like it as much as I do, because it is hard for me imagining that anyone could.

Tuesday I went to Harold Night, as I often do. UCB has joined the usual two Harold Night shows, allowing them to include a fifth team each Tuesday. I hope it stays (although it ended at 10:57 this week so it might just be to tight). It was a good night. Creep impressed me. I just love their playfulness. Watching them is a bit like the joy of watching children play. That my sound like an insult, but far from it. Fwand, of course, awed me. Of all the Harold teams right now, they are doing the most exciting stuff. Watch their transitions. Their seamless version of the Harold is just gorgeous. I am very very happy that Thank You, Robot is opening for them and Tantrum on Feb. 16th. You remember that right? Under St. Marks. 10:30pm. See my first non-class improv show EVER. There is only one first.

Tonight I am off to see Gravid Water. Everyone is sick and tired of me talking about that show so I won't. But it is definitely the most overlooked show at UCB right now. I may stay for Cage Match.

I thought long and hard about seeing The Stepfathers on Friday as it has been a long time and Silvija Ozols is playing with them all month. I can't go next week (Under St. Marks, 10:30pm, $6)... but I am oh, so close to improv overdose. I think I desperately need a night NOT going out. It has been too damn cold for all of these trips to Manhattan.

Next week will a non-improv week. Except Sunday. I have a class show to go watch (6 of the Thank You, Robot folks). Maybe Harold Night on Tuesday.