Monday, February 5

No more wining

Ah! A bad pun!

I had that tiny rant about the person who pulled a bottle of Showket off the rack and opened it at the pre-Idiotarod party. Part of the reason I was a bit miffed was that some house guests back in November (wonderful house guests that I love and adore and would deny nothing to), decided to have wine one night and pulled the same bottle off the rack. The one from the Idiotarod was a replacement.

PapaSix, it his infinite generosity, called the winery and found out they only had six bottles left. I assumed he was sending me one. Today I received all six bottles. There is something thrilling about getting the last six bottles from a winery.

In related news, there is still a bottle mystery out there. On the day after the pre-Idiotarod party, right after discovering the partially drunk bottle of Showket, I discovered a bottle of Prager port on the counter. Now what is weird about it is that there was a mini-controversy in my home not a week before involving a bottle a Prager port. There was a catered dinner party and PapaSix, again in his infinite generosity, gave the bottle of Prager he had brought to the caterer. Some people at the party (okay, just one person) took joking offense that PapaSix had given the bottle away.

So having a bottle appear on the counter was a bit odd. I though it might have been my house guest (the one who had been upset about it), perhaps as a "have a good race" gift. But when I finally got a chance to talk to her about it, she denied it.

That leaves me with three conclusions: (1) Team COBRA has some very generous kind people on it; (2) Team COBRA has some people with some very good taste; and (3) fate/coincidence is sometimes totally bizarre.