Wednesday, February 21

My RSSes have asploded again

I don't know how most RSS readers work. I use Safari so it's all built in. If I have a RSS bookmarked, I just look at my bookmark bar thingie and in parenthesis after the name is a number. That is how many new article are in the feed. And if I have numerous bookmarks in a bookmark folder, it adds them all up. As soon as I look at a feed, the number disappears. Very easy to tell when something has been updated.

I have slightly less than a hundred feed in my bookmark bar, all organized into folders and subfolders. Now most of those aren't updated all that often. Many personal blogs that I once followed have probably been abandoned by their keepers. Other sites, like Fark or Digg, are constantly updating. But I have it all set up so that it is easy to keep track of and so I don't spend a tenth of my day just checking the same sites over and over.

But sometime the system fails me. For whatever reason, Safari decides I haven't read any of the sites... ever. Suddenly all the numbers shoot up and the whole system becomes useless. I them have to go through each one and look at the site, affectively "resetting" it.

That's what I am looking at now.