Friday, February 23

Gotham City Improv! Tonight! UCB! Tomorrow!

Just a little ol' reminder...
Thank You, Robot will be at Gotham City Improv (48 West 21 St Street, 8th floor, between 5th & 6th Ave, Buzzer 13) with Bombardo and Creek Weasel. 10pm. $5.

My final 401 class performance is tomorrow at 1pm at UCB. Also 5 smackers.

Oh, and earlier tomorrow you can find me Matt Little Presents: Nerdcore Comedy! at New York Comic Con. (I should have posted this way earlier.)

Jacob Javits Center
Fri, Feb. 23 - 5 PM
Sat, Feb. 24 - 11 AM
Sun, Feb. 25 - 11 AM
@ NY Jedi Stage
FREE! (It's in the main entrance lobby, where a badge isn't required)

Oh, and it looks like in 4 hours I will have a cat again.