Tuesday, February 20

Just so you know, I'm still here

Yeah, yeah. I haven't posted a couple of days. I've been doin' stuff. Wouldn't you like to know what. Tough.

What am I doing coming up?

Well, tomorrow night I shall be trying my hand at some 3 person improv at the PIT's Improdome. Now just so you know this is an open mic type thing, so there isn't even a guarantee we'll be goin' up. But it is free. It is also at 11pm.

Then on Friday night, Thank You, Robot shall be at Gotham City Improv with Bombardo and Creek Weasel. That should be pretty kick ass. You should definitely come to that. Especially if you missed us last Friday. (Why did you miss us last Friday? What was your damn excuse?) It's at 10pm and will set you back $5. But $5 gets you robots, weasels and bombardos. And of course love.

So what are you doing Saturday at 1pm? I know what you are doing! You are coming to UCB and see me in my final 401 class performance. Yes, you are. Yeah, I know it's 1pm on a Saturday. Not the funniest time of day. But what else are you going to do at that time? Laundry? Come on! It is also $5. Think of it as giving to the cause. What cause? Make up your own damn cause.

Mmm. What else? I think that may be it. I am going to see This American Life. Live. On stage. Yes, I am paying money to see a radio show live. Shut up. Sarah Vowell makes me swoon.