Wednesday, January 14

Posting for posting sake

I feel like posting something but my brain is also running a 2/3rds speed.  It might be the cold.  I don't know.

There are some Thank You, Robot shows this weekend which you should come to.  Or at least come to one of them.

Friday, 10:30pm, Under St. Marks (94 St. Marks Place, New York).
Summer Fridays show returns.  We have two amazing teams with us: Wilder and Krompf. I love Wilder and Krompf was on of the first teams I saw that blew my mind and had me crying with laughter.

Saturday, 7:00pm, Village Lantern, 167 Bleeker St., New York).
We are honored to be invited by Action Pals to play at their show.  Dogbasket (who are great fun) and Boy Girl Party (who have yet to see but is made up of two people I adore) will also be there.
Free.  (And if you come before 7pm to eat and mention "action pals," you  get 25% of food.  This improv show will save you money!)

Next week on Sunday, 1/25 at 9:30pm, at TYR will be in The Inferno at the Magnet Theater (254 W. 29th St., New York).  It's a audience vote show, so some gettin' some audience to come in and vote would be awesome.  And they give teams challenges!
$5, I believe.

And keep late night Feb. 20th open.  Seriously.  You'll want to.  It will be a very special night.

In other me news...
The whole roleplaying this is going very well.  It is a lot less pressure this time and I am spending A LOT less time on it but gaming more.  It is getting close to the point were characters can actually start interacting which I think will be great fun.  I am spending a lot much time having the players develop their own characters and view points but not letting them influence each other.  When they do come together it will be interesting to see how they view each other.  I like giving different people different pieces of the puzzle and then seeing if they put it together.

This actually screws me sometimes because I have huge plot points that I want them to figure out themselves but they never do.  But in this case it won't be a problem... because I have no plot.  I have fed them bits and pieces of viewpoints and bits and pieces of backstory.  They can act on them or not.  Or go on to something else.  I am really trying to set it up so they'll have control.

Although their is a backstory and stuff happening.  If they never follow it, there will be consequences.  There are always consequences.

Otherwise, life is good.   Work is slow but at least it is there.