Monday, December 22

Things the make me cringe

Okay.  I'm back.  While I can't say I have gathered a bunch of experience in the last month+, there are tons of things that have made me fearful (most of which are tv related).  Here are just a few.

• I am pretty sure The Secret Millionaire is the worst possible sign of where the world is right now.  Emotionally exploitative.  But, hey, it plays off the dream that someone will hand you $100,000.
• Burger King's Whopper Virgins ads is probably the other one.  I have NOT watched the web ads.  I am waiting for the "We placed starving 3 orphans in a room a Whopper and two loaded guns" ads.  However, Flame by BK makes me laugh.
• While we're talking about fast food ads, the wedding cake made I've seen recently.
• Snow and ice.  Actually snow is fine. I don't mind shoveling snow.  Ice however... oh, so much suck.
• I saw The Day The Earth Stood Still.  All I learned it is the the tunnels under bridges in Central Park can safe you from anything (also learned from Cloverfield).
• I also saw Quantum of Solstice.  It was not as horrible as I was led to believe.  The over arching story and the thematic points were the right ones to hit.  In effect, it and Casino Royale are one movie, telling how Bond becomes the asshole that he is.  And there are a lot of little moments I loved.  Too bad they blew it overall.  And I honestly can't remember on single action set piece except in the terms of "there was that chase in cars... and I think something with boats."  And (SPOILER) the final fight in the burning/exploding hotel in the desert... "Hey, we should have a scene in an exploding and burning hotel or something.  Let's just say the place runs on fuel cells... that way ONE runaway car crashing can cause the whole place to blow up."
• Why I insist on watching reruns of CSI Miami is beyond me.  Horatio Cane is the worst written/performed cop since... God, I can't come up with something.  Normally, police procedurals have a goofy cliché pattern (see Law & Order) but they really out do themselves on CSI:M.  H.C.'s scene ending one lines aren't even on liners.  They're just random silly threats. "Well, officer Cane, I didn't even know that girl."  "Well, you will."  What?

• On the other hand, my insomnia has shown my Da Vinci's Inquest (in NYC on at 1:30am Mondays on ABC).  Very (and wonderfully) Canadian police procedural. So so Canadian (reminds me a lot of Minnesota).  So low keyed.  For example, passive-aggressive apologies by the police during interrogations.  Last nights episode opened with a ten minute one-shot on the street... in a mild wet rain.  Imagine being an actor delivering 10 minutes of dialog on the street (covering many topics but mostly rants on public surveillance cameras) while slowly having your trench coat get soaked.  Pretty amazing.

Anywhozits, good to be back.