Saturday, November 22


1) I have great friends.
2) I stalled out on Nanowrimo at around 30,000 words. The story just died. Or any interest I had in it.
3) Improv is hard. And easy.
4) There are things I hate about myself and things I love. Sometimes one overwhelms the other.
5) I often wish I knew how to open up myself. But I don't.
6) I should realize by now that crying during Wife Swap is a sign that I am going through some stuff.
7) Casablanca is over rated. Still good, but over rated.
8) Sometimes the simplest things can turn me around. In this case it was a deeply honest question about my well being.
9) Falafel for 2.50 at 2am is a godsend. God bless NYC.
10) I owe so many apologies I don't know where to start.