Wednesday, December 24

Xmas Eve in the P.Heights

Just kickin' back in at Soda Bar in Prospect Heights.  Had a very very tasty lamb burger.  Tomorrow I am making my way to Hoboken, Nj, and then a train to Pearl River (which may or may not be in NY) to have Chritmas dinner with Katey and Nicole and Nicole's family.  Should be levels of adorable that one can't find outside of a puppy farm run by kittens.

I hurt my shoulder yesterday.  I have no idea how.  Feels like I slept with my right elbow tied to my left ankle with a 12 inch piece of barbed wire.  (Okay, no real reason for the barbed wire.)

I am definitely enjoying seeing people I know in movie trailers.  Take a look at I Love You Man.

Since I had to get a new hard drive for my lap top, I am trying to put ONLY the things I want onto the new drive from the old one.... Man, I collect a lot of digital grabage.