Friday, October 31

NaNoWriMo '08

So NaNo starts tonight at midnight.

I went to the kick-off last night and it was packed solid with folks bursting with creative juices. Which is both exciting and a bit gross.

I am still unclear what exactly I'm going to write about. Vague ideas, issues I want to work out, blah blah. Absolutely no plot in mind. We'll see. Actually you all will see because I am going to set up a separate blog where I am going to post it as I write it. It will be a mess. My plan is to post every couple of days and to link it here.

I started playing Fallout 3 and am so far blown away. There is something very moving about walking a wasteland Washington D.C., listening to oldies on my Pip-Boy, trusty hunting rifle on my shoulder. I also hate fire ants. And Super Mutants. I of course will have to put the game away for November. Sigh.

Anywhozits, have a snazzy Halloween and all that jazz.