Thursday, August 21

Time wasted

I really should be cleaning this afternoon but I'm not. Yet again, I find myself distracted by tiny projects. I do this fairly often. Luckily today as not been spent on the internet but I can't really say it was spent much better.

In other pointless news, my internal temperature seems to be all over the place. I have been either cold or hot all day. Never comfortable. What's up with that, body? Get with the program.

Speaking of my body, my hair is now beyond any control. I don't love it. I am slightly self-conscious about it and my gut reaction is to just shave it. But I promised myself I would let it grow until at least until Jan. 2009. Why? No reason beyond that I haven't grown it out in eons. I know that people will give my shit about it for months to come. But I will refuse to listen.

I can still tame it for short periods of time with lots of gel... but then I sweat and gel drips on my forehead and re-dries and I end up with a crust of shiny right above my eyebrows. That is just not attractive.

I had a very intense dream right after I fell asleep last night. How do I now when it happened? Because I went to sleep at 1am and woke up at 2am. I should have written down the details right then because I remember the dream being awesome but now the details have all drifted away. That's weird when you think about it. 14 hours ago I woke up thinking "Wow! That was amazing! What an experience!" Now it is all gone. Silly brain.

It might be the hair.