Monday, August 18

Clock! Move quicker!

For reasons that are both beyond me and totally within my knowledge I woke up wicked early and just started doing work. This is great and not great.

Great because I am pretty far ahead of schedule on stuff that pays. I have a back log of projects that don't pay and want to spend a large portion of this week on those. I have five or so sketches that need editing, rewrites, cleaning up. The Scott/Whitehouse Experience needs serious time devoted to it. (This is the hardest one since I am so unclear about the direction to tackle it.) I have work t do on the books. Also, it's just nice to be able o do other stuff guilt free.

It's bad today because (1) I really do not want to be tired for this evening and (2) I need stuff to occupy my brain/time until this evening. Grrr.

My 501 UCB class is just a joy and a pleasure. No matter how much we'd all like to pretend this isn't the case, improv classes rise and fall on who is taking the class with you. I would love to say it is all about what you put into it and who the teacher is. And there is some of that. For example, I learned tons in my 201 with Joe Wengert but I didn't have much fun. 201 is notorious for not being fun because it goes from improv being just fun playing to trying to retrain your brain to think differently. That wasn't why it wasn't fun for me. I just didn't like 80% of my class. Not dislike them as improvisers (allow it would be a lie to say that wasn't true). I didn't like them as people. It's hard to trust people on stage when you suspect one of them is a date rapist. (I also didn't trust myself at the time. I also had a swelled ego. Bad bad combo for improv.) But I digress. My current 501 is packed solid with great people.

Last night we did 3 and 2 man Harolds. Most of the class was spent watching and not doing. Often this annoys me. Last night it was a joy to watch so much talent and fun. I would have paid to watch them all perform. (Oh, wait. I did.)

Improv teams often grow out great classes. Sadly, most of this class is already on one or more teams.

I just realized this post is saying a whole lot and isn't really entertaining. I am just filling time. I'll try to find something funny to say later.