Wednesday, August 20


I love Las Vegas. I really do. Vegas is exactly what it is and makes no excuses for it. Everything is over the top and huge and insane. Gaudy to the extreme but because it doesn't pretend to be anything else, it works.

Two Mays ago I went there for something, well, extremely nerdy. My Halo 2 clan met there. Yes. My Xbox Live Halo 2 clan. 20 or so people who only knew each other online by names like Ashwalker and AtomcWeggie met in Sin City. They were all adults and I wasn't the oldest person. We didn't play Halo of course, but it is still hard to make it seem like anything other than what it was: Videogame geeks in Vegas. Oh there is beauty in that.

It wasn't even that wild. The strangest moment was playing Blackjack at the cheap tables at 3am with people I knew mainly from just their voices and online forums. It's a weird experience. But it was also one of those moments that made me realize how the internet is pretty darn cool.

Later that night (morning), I made out with some divorcee while at said same table. Not long. But it something I am glad to say I have done.