Monday, July 21

So much to see, so little time

This is going to be one of those weeks. Actually, I never have anything BUT one of those weeks lately.

Tuesday, July 22nd. 11:00pm.
Hot Sauce / The Brothers Hines at Upright Citizens Brigade.
Two shows, five of my favorite performers. Both teams are just, well, fun. A crap load of fun. Weird, crazy, kinetic. Intelligent and silly. Fast and slow. Hard and touching. Okay, I have now actually described a one night stand I had two years ago. This show won't leave you feeling dirty and make you break out in hives.

Wednesday, July 23rd. 9:30pm.
The Spin / As The Diamond Burns at Upright Citizens Brigade.
The Spin is a daring show that explores a current event in the news. And two of my teammates/friends/favorite people are in it. If you listen to NPR or read the paper or at all give a crap about the world, see it. Because the world is funny.
As The Diamond Burns is an improvised soap opera. Another of my teammates/friends/favorite people is in it. "Sublimely ridiculous" would be my quote in Soap Digest about this show.

Thursday, July 24th. 11:00pm.
Veal vs. Death By Roo Roo in CageMatch at Upright Citizens Brigade.
In case you didn't know yet, CageMatch pits two improv teams against each other. Each team gets 25 minutes. The audience votes. The winner comes back next week. Veal is my musical improv team and I adore them. This is a big night for us. Big audience, big(ger) stage, bigger stakes. Death By Roo Roo has been on an absolute tear lately. 10 victories. They have been doing amazing work in CageMatch. So Veal could use all the support we can muster.

Friday, July 25th.
God willing, nothing related to improv... and certainly not at UCB. No offense, UCB. But in less than 3 weeks, I'll be spending WAY too much time with you. I think it is okay if I don't see you on Friday of this week.

Saturday, July 26th.
Class/practice... then at...
I Eat Pandas at Upright Citizens Brigade.
Ah yes. IEP is like being whisked away on a candy cloud to a land of broken glass castles. I'm not saying it is all sweetness and things you can cut your feet on. Words fail me sometime. Let's try, "Two person musical improv of the highest/most fun order. Yum."
Then, later, a party.

Sunday, July 27th. 5:30pm.
Musical Improv 201 Class Show at Upright Citizens Brigade.
My class show for my musical improv class. Should be a total hoot in your snoot. Sadly, I won't be hanging out afterwards because I have to run to a class at 6:30pm.

Monday, July 28th. 8:00pm.
Gravid Water at Upright Citizens Brigade.
I've pimped this before. It is still one of my all time favorite shows. So I shall continue to push it on all of you until you finally go see it. Stephen Ruddy keeps presenting it as an "experiment." I'm not sure when experiment stops being an experiment and you can call it a success. I suppose all improv is an experiment. Maybe all art is. Maybe I just need more coffee.
Farebeater/Improv Verté at Upright Citizens Brigade.
Farebeater starts by talking to a real NYC cabbie and then improving scenes from that. All of the scenes take place in taxis. It might sounds claustrophobic, but it actually shows how much can be explored when you give yourself restrictions. And my friend is in it.
Improv Verté is an improvised documentary. Because real life is funny, damn it. More friends in this one.

Note to friends: Please stop being in shows that I want to see. Of some of you would please start doing some crap, it would make my life easier.

EDIT: Actually, I probably won't be at Gravid Water. I'll be at another event. More details when I have them.