Monday, July 21

People I've Been

My RPG post a few days back got me thinking about the characters I've played (grouped by game).

SHADOWRUN - Cyberpunk/magic and elves and such.
The Woz: This was my first ever character - She was 19 years old. And elf, with all of the elf snobbery. A "decker" which was Shadowrun's term for hacker. Fascinated with 1980's culture except she never quite got it right. Named herself after Steve Wozniak. Dressed punk/new wave. Once got into a fight with a boy in some bar, stormed outside and was assassinated by some corporation she'd ripped off.
PC: Ah, good ol' PC. Eco-terrorist dwarf. He wore tie-dyed shirts and bandannas. Preferred weapon: a gyro-stabilized chaingun. Had a schizophrenic best friend (whose name escapes me). Never died, just got sick of the death and destruction of Seattle.
Suicide Jack: Totally psychotic assassin. Used a mono-filament whip mounter in her finger (but wasn't all that good with it). Killed half her team once because it would make the money split easier.
WORLD OF DARKNESS - Our current world but with vampires, werewolves, mages, fairies, all that jazz... but in secret.
C.A.Scott: Myself as a Sabbat vampire. Sabbat vamps were the really cruel/messed up ones. During their "birth" they are buried in graves and have to dig themselves out. Apparently that screwed with me because I was kind of crazy and died in one session. Later, to fix the plot whole (see below), this turned out to not be me but some sort of weird clone experiment/art piece/joke made by another vamp.
Chris Scott: Hermetic mage. Me playing myself again. This version of me never moved to Minneapolis in 1992. Instead he just drove across country, has some weird vision of the world ending in the desert of New Mexico, and ended up in New York City. Within 24 hours he ended up trying to escape Sabbat vampires and drove his car straight into Central Park. Really pissed off the werewolves that lived there. Soon after he was taken on by a mage as an apprentice. I played this character for over six years. I managed to piss off a lot of people (in the game world). Became the reluctant leader of a bunch of teen aged mages of all types. Was accused of help a Nephandi (a type of demon... sort of)... well, actually I did. Got married. Had a kid. Spent an eternity in a Time Paradox realm after freezing a tac-nuke explosion in Times Square in front of hundreds of witness. Worked through the pain of Shane MacGowin's life after he died. (In our world, Shane died. This happened because we thought he had died. Remember, this was really pre-web.) Got married, had a kid, watched his wife die. Good times. Epic story. Started like Books of Magic (pre-Books of Magic) and turned into the last season of Buffy (pre-last season of Buffy).
Anruth a Awen aka Moss: Wolf-born werewolf (as opposed to a werewolf who was born a human). Oh, I loved playing Moss. He was generally just nice. A bit touchy-feely mystical. Very devoted to his friend Silvertongue/Matt (the character my friend Matt played). A storyteller. Had one of my favorite deaths. Made me cry but was right.
Elf Character: Man, I can't remember his name. All I can really remember is that he ended up directing a production of the King and I.

There were others. A Xena-type in Rune Quest. Myself in a great fantasy during college (ah, the days when you could play for 10 hours straight). A really dump orc. A thief character in one game that lasted only one night for me because my character decided everyone else was crazy so he just took the Book they had all been fight over and ran. (Back story is that the GM and the two players had partaken in a three-some (the actual people, not the characters) and it they weren't all cool with it. I had no idea what was going on until later.

And then there are all the characters I've played as GM. So so many.