Saturday, February 3

My Schedule, My Slump

I've been trying to be better about updating my "Where To Find Me" section that you can find to the right. While it isn't always accurate since I sometimes decide to stay home at the last moment, it probably hit about 90% true.

I was noticing that I am doing or seeing improv almost constantly this week. I've been accused of being a UCB junky before (or worse, a UCB groupie). Whatever. I like the craft.

But lately I have been in a slump. Maybe I am just seeing my flaws more. Maybe I am seeing my flaws and that is making me skittish... making me make even more mistakes. (Yeah, yeah. "There are no mistakes in improv." That is a lie. You make mistakes all the time. It's just that if you are good you can make beauty from the mistakes.) Maybe I'm plateauing. Happens to lots of people at a similar place to where I am. I just wish my plateau was at higher level.

Either way, I have to slog through the slump. One way for me to do that is to keep working my ass off. And to keep watching. One, to learn from others. And two, to keep my passion for improv high.

Also in the post-Idiotarod world (and post-other things), it's good to keep busy. Improv is cheap (especially if you are taking classes). In the 7 hours of improv/sketch I plan to see this week, I will spend a grand total of $5 (not count PBRs).

But even I will admit looking at the list... I look pretty one dimensional. So if anyone out there has something better for me to do, speak up!