Monday, January 29

Need something to panic about? Try the Real-Time Emergency and Disaster Map!

As if I needed something to obsesses over, here is a wonderfully scary map that tracks radio distress signals from the National Association of Radio-Distress Signaling and Info-communications. Click on a picture and it will tell you what is going on. For example:
A Northern California hiker attacked by a mountain lion last week was airlifted to a San Francisco hospital Sunday, where he will likely undergo more surgery.
A spokesman for Mad River Community Hospital in Arcata said doctors wanted to send 70-year-old Jim Hamm to a major research hospital in San Francisco after they performed emergency surgery on his scalp and downgraded his condition from fair to serious. Hamm first underwent surgery Wednesday after a female mountain lion ambushed him at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. He and his wife, Nell, were hiking when the lion scalped him, mauled his face, ripped off part of his lips and inflicted other puncture wounds and scratches. Hamm is taking antibiotics to prevent infection, but doctors remained concerned about bacteria entering his body from the cat's claws and mouth. "Infection -- that's our biggest concern," Ayotte said. Hamm's wife, Nell, 65, smashed the cat in the snout with a large branch and stabbed it with a pen to fend off the attack. After the attack, game wardens closed the park and shot and killed a pair of lions. Researches identified the female as the attacker.

I also like the map because it looks like Eastern Europe is being attacked by giant chicken.

(Warning: the page loads very slow.)

(via Boing Boing)