Wednesday, January 31

The First Virtual Embassy for A Real World Country

Sweden is going to open an embassy in Second Life.

In the scheme of things, is that important? No, not really. But it is interesting watching the freight train that is Second Life. Not in popularity, since it is nigh impossible to figure out how popular SL actually is or how much it is riding off of people making accounts, getting bored and leaving. But it is a cultural freight train, one that seems to have avoided the actual culture part. The flood of coprtations and news agencies and now frackin' countries that are jumping in is a bit insane.

I suppose it is the wonder of having such a low starting cost/low risk. I mean, the worst that happens is that they hire two people for 6 months and pay a a few bucks for virtual land. If it fails, who cares. If it suceeds and increases tourism to Sweden, good for them.

It is still insane.