Monday, June 12

Project Improviser: Ep. 1 - The Phantom SixSider

The first episode of Project Improviser is up. This will be the only episode with me and there of course is not a lot of me.

I'm in the last group. "Gay gay." (At least my scene partner (Nick) got in). I am also the one who says, "And you're the coach?"

Make sure you stay to the end to see my "bitter sweet" comments. It looks lke I am about to cry.

If you are in NYC, go to the UCB Theater Wednesday night at 11pm to see the first live performance. Come early (9:30) to Video Gaga and you can see me as an extra in a rap video... maybe.

When you come to the theater tell the man with the clipboard you are there to see "Beth." He won't ask, but tell him anyway.