Wednesday, December 13

Search Term Poetry

I was just checking out my blog's web stats. I like to see what seaches I have popped up on:
  • fraggle from for myspace
  • boy who cried wolf boyscouts
  • hot pocket myspace background
  • beckett shut off valve broke
  • geek holy grail
  • hot scene of making love in bed
  • paranoid show
  • twang fish
  • white house sugar cookie
  • battlestar galactica slash
  • yams in papau new guinea
  • hot pocket improv
  • incurable allure of carrots (which is actually the title of an entertaining blog... they also now have a podcast... I haven't listened to it yet, but I am, well, curious)
  • scrotal suspension picture
Lovely. Just lovely. Some of these folks surely found on my blog what they were looking for. Others surely not (no pictures of "scrotal suspension pictures" here... sorry). I hope they had better luck elsewhere).