Tuesday, December 12

All Hail Hypnotoad

I am an unabashed Futurama fan. It was absolutely the cartoon most geared towards me (Venture Bros. is a close second... very close). I was saddened when it went off the air and even more saddened by Fox's tactic of not canceling it and just keeping it in limbo for so long.

So I've been quite happy since it was announced earlier this year that they were making new episodes for either DVD or Comedy Central or both (too bad Adult Swim could get there hands on it since they deserve the credit of keeping the show alive). David X. Cohen has a quicky interview over on Toy Fair. (How cool is it to have "X" as your middle initial? I know he probably just did that because there were other David Cohens in the Screenwriters Guild or whatever, but it is still darn cool.)

And I am now über-süpergëeky excïted that they are planning a 22 minute all Hypnotoad episode for the DVD. Thank you, Mr. Cohen. You have been reading my dreams again.

(via AICN)