Thursday, December 14

Past Tense

It is interesting how are memories are so slippery. Events that happened so long ago that you barely think of them can come back is such tiny nudges. And it is so curious at what you end up remembering.

I ruminate on how distracted we has a society have become. We are constantly in a flood of input. Not that it is anything truly different from say living in turn of the century London. It's just that we now have a massive amount of control over what we have access to at any moment. I have hundreds of channels, an iPod with 2000 plus songs, video games, the internet. I go to the store and there are at least a dozen different types of toilette paper. And somewhere in my brain I have stored bits and pieces about all of those choices. Even the toilette paper.

And back to the internet. My god, the options it gives me. It is no wonder we no longer remember phone numbers and just store them on our phones. It is a wonder I have room to store anything in my brain.

But the internet is a great instant recall device, even when you don't expect it. A tiny poke and a tiny nudge and suddenly a whole chunk of my past comes flooding back. But after years and years of absence, it is now viewed in a whole new light. Re-contextualized, to use a buzzword. And it does seem clearer. Cleaner, even.

It is probably just that I am older. But that is the thing about getting older. Since it happens one day at a time, one second at a time, you rarely notice... like the frog in the frying pan. But when a window into the past is thrown open, you can see the difference, see how you've changed. Like opening a Highlights magazine to discover some one has already circle the differences. And can I mix any more metaphors tonight?

Anywhozits, just a thought. I often feel so young and like I've not made any progress. But then I'm shown who I was... and I realize I was a complete idiot back then.

Love to all. Just felt like saying that. Love to all.