Tuesday, March 17


I am just watching last nights episode of House and there is a woman in the intro who looks vaguely like Tina Fey. Which made me wish for a 30 Rock/House crossover.

- Tracy comes down with a mysterious illness and Dr. House and Dr. Spaceman go head to head over treatment. (By the end of the episode Dr. Spaceman is House's new vicodin supplier.)

Which just started me on other ideas:

- Extreme Makeover: Battlestar Edition: The Galactica is falling apart. But here come Ty and his team!

- The Bachelor Dollhouse: 14 single woman, all of them are Echo.

- 24 Lost: Jack has only 24 hours to save the castways on the Island. Luckily due to jumping through time, 24 hours can last 5 seasons.