Monday, February 2

Against All Odds

A month ago or so, I finally managed to put together a two person team.  (It was in part an excuse to lock the phenomenal Nicole Drespel onto a team.)  And so Against All Odds: An Improvised Breakup.  (Note to hosts: You can just call it Against All Odds.) 

The concept is pretty simple – a breakup.  I like it for a bunch of reasons.  While it is restrictive and sets our relationship before the set even starts, there is a wealth of material in that setup.  Their are  infinite types of couples and infniite types of breakups.  Two people allows people to focus on character and relationship (especially in this case) and to takle things slow.  And it is a bit of an excuse to go emotional, which I sometimes avoid because I worry it will take over a scene.  In this case, that IS much of the scene.

I could go on and on, but I am trying to not deconstruct the whole thing too much. 

We've only performed twice and both times felt very good.  Effortless and honest.  Not forced.  I couldn't be happier about it.

Against All Odds is available for bookings.  Our next show is on Feb. 13th (just before the dreaded Valentine's Day) at 10pm at The Creek.