Thursday, February 5

Hate/Love people on cel phones.

I am surrounded by people on cel phones right now.  (I, even in this weather, go outside to talk.)  It is annoying because it is distracting.

However I do enjoy listening in.

(To my left (let's call this west) is a young woman working on a paper, who has made four phone calls about the same topic) "I can't do this paper!  I don't want to do this paper!  I don't have any time.  I don't want to be a writer any more.  I don't understand anything!"

(Woman to the northwest on bluetooth phone) "No.  It was good.  He was sweet.  I think he might be the one.  No, he left in the morning.  I know!  I should do my taxes."

(Man to the north who has been on hold for and hours with occasional spurts of talking.)  "Well, it's important in this work climate to network and get recommendations from anyone you know.  Yeah.  No.  No.  No, I'm asking you for one."
Update: The woman to the northeast (right next to this man) has take to just staring at him, glaring.

(Woman to the east.)  "I'm not going to go home until 3pm.  By then my daughter should be asleep."