Thursday, June 11

Nicole Drespel

Do you know her?

You should. She's here and here and here. (She doesn't use the last one much but I assume that is only because she hasn't had much opportunity lately to visit old timey places... she's a busy woman).

She's also an improviser.  A talented one.  She's on the UCB Harold team Robber Barron, who are new but inspiring and awesome.  She's on a bunch of indie teams because (1) she is supportive and funny and smart, (2) everyone wants to have her one their team, and (3) she has a problem saying no.  I am pretty happy that I'm on a two person team with her.  Against All Odds.  We perform a breakup on stage.  It's pretty cool.  She makes me feel safe to go to more emotional places on stage than I normally go.  (We aren't going to do the breakup form for a bit.  Still perform but stretch our wings for awhile.  We are always looking for shows.)

She's also does storytelling.  I have yet to see her do this.  But I have heard by people I know and respect that she's great.  That seems about right.

She is really good at Taboo but gets competitive.

She's a good friend.  She listens well, laughs readily, cares large. All the good stuff.  She's also more insightful about others than herself.  No.  That is not true.  She seems very insightful about herself, but, like all of us, doesn't always take her own advice.

I can also say she's a good kisser.

It's fair to say that she is a good person to know.  And everyone should be nice to her and give her praise and a better job that she likes more.