Tuesday, January 20

Comments I couldn't post live during the inauguaration because the internet went down in the coffeeshop because too many people were live blogging

John Cusack in a suit just makes me think of his character in Grosse Pointe Blank.  Which makes me think he is there to assassinate someone.

Cheney is in wheel chair because he "hurt his back" moving "boxes" out of his office.  (1) It may have been corpses and not boxes. (2) He looks more and more like James Bond villain.

Oh come on people.  Stop booing W..  He's done.  Move on.  (Kucinich just announced that he is still going to try to impeach Bush... from anywhere he can.  Next attempt - impeach Bush from Netflicks.)

John Williams composed the piece played just before Obama takes the oath.  The next four years will be score liked a Spielberg film.

Wait.  They just said that Obama official became president at noon.  That for 5 minutes he could have done whatever the hell he wanted.

Obama fumbles over the oath.  Is it still valid?  Do we now have a president how hasn't taken the oath?  Oh my god.  He is above the law now!  So no change from the last eight years.

The gun shots of the salute freak me out a bit.  I scan the stage for Cusack.

"I stand here humble ...by the fact I stumbled over the oath."

"Forty-four president have now spoken the word oft he oath of office ...actually just forty-three.  I found it kind of tricky."  (Okay, I'll let it go.)  Edit: As was pointed out by rubysneakers - Glover Cleveland.  Was Obama already can't get his facts straight.
Serious note:  Obama starts right into how difficult thinks will be.  He asks for people to sacrifice... something we haven't been asked of in the last seven years.  Post-9/11, we were told that the way to "win" was to just go on and not change our lives.  Finally!

(This is when the internet totally went.  I assume the middle was where all the funny bits were.)

Okay.  The first 100 seconds.  Is everyone better off?  Seems like Obama has spent his entire time in office standing there and just talking.  Where is all this "vhange" I keep hearing about?