Wednesday, September 3

Things I Learned This Labor Day

  • The game show Press Your Luck liked to focus on the face of the loser, capturing some of the most honest moments of defeat I have ever witnessed. (thanks to Adam B. for reminding me)
  • When you reach under the waves and grab a palm-sized rock and it turns out that the rock has legs, it is freaky.
  • The Michael Jackson video Smooth Criminal is the alpha and the omega of music videos. Try this at home: Open it up in YouTube and set the volume on YouTube to zero. Select any other song. Play both (starting the video at anytime). Enjoy. Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat song is a great choice (again, thank you Adam B.).
  • Cops can be heart breaking.
  • I still suck at volleyball but I dive for balls with gusto.
  • Sometimes sleep is a lot more important to me than fun.
  • Any car game can be enhanced with making people tell honest truths about themselves.
  • I still love root beer floats.