Thursday, September 4

Republican National Convention

Here's an observation from Doug Gordon (fellow member of VEAL):

Here's what Rudy Giuliani said about Barack Obama at the RNC last night:

"But he's never run a city, never run a state, never run a business. He's never had to lead people in crisis. This is not a personal's a statement of fact - Barack Obama has never led anything."

I was listening to that and thought, "Gee, that sounds familiar." Well, here's what Rudy Giuliani said about about John McCain on November 4, 2007:

"[McCain] has never run a city, never run a state, never run a government. He has never been responsible as a mayor for the safety and security of millions of people, and he has never run a law enforcement agency, which I have done."
I tried hard to watch the convention last night but my patience wore out pretty quickly. I faded out during Giuliani when the audience started to chant "Drill, Baby! Drill!" I had to turn it off.

Palin held me for a bit. I liked how baby Trig suddenly appeared in Todd Palin's arms at the start of the speech then I realized all the kids had appeared at the same time. (As did Levi "Abject Lesson on Why to Use Condoms" Johnston. Man, I feel bad for that kid. Imagine you are 18. You have sex in a pick-up in March and she gets pregnant. After months of trying to figure out how to tell your and her parents (keeping in mind that her mom is bad ass scary, pro-life and fire-and-brimstone religious and the governor), you finally work things out. You're going to get married and keep the baby. Then, with a period of five days, you are being questioned by the RNC, having your unsafe sex practices talked about on every blog and news show and late night talk show. Next thing you know you're in the St. Paul Xcel center, just trying to smile. Kids, use a condom.) And I cracked myself up with a horribly offensive out loud comment when Palin spoke of being an advocate for people with "special needs." But then it was just becoming yet another narrative, followed by fear mongering.

I am so tired of the "narratives."