Thursday, September 11

Comminity Organizer

Apparently a new talking point for the right about Obama is to say "Community organizer? I don't know what that is."

For the life of me, this boggles my my mind. Seriously? You don't know what that is? Is your ignorance so willful.

It is one who helps organize the community to make improvements in their community, tackling issues they see as a problem. A community organizer helps people help themselves. They work for minimal pay. They work long hours for little praise. They fight the apathy of bureaucracy and the apathy of the very people they are trying to help. If you want to know what Obama did and couldn't do and how it affected his view of the world, do yourself a favor and read Dreams from My Father.

But of course they do know EXACTLY what it is. But it is a brilliant ploy to pretend that they don't. That makes it seem like (1) Obama has never been clear about it, (2) it is a useless job, and (3) can't be discussed further.

I'm trying hard to not be biased. Yes, I already know how I'm going to vote but I also want to be able to look at both sides claims and judge them clearly. But ever since the conventions, the arguments from the right have been harder and harder to judge. What I am seeing from the left (in general) is an asking of questions and answering questions they are asked. From the right (in general) I am seeing a total ignoring of any question they don't feel like answering and answering questions no one is asking. I once respected McCain a great deal but the more and more INSANE ads that have McCain's voice saying "I endorse this message"... well, it appears that McCain has begun to listen to the Roves in the Republican party.

I also know that the right is using a successful strategy. Make outrageous claims and never admit you are wrong. No matter how many news stories that come out about how their claims are distortions (or straight up lies), the media will be ignore. Why? Because the right has painted them as the "biased liberal media."

I keep telling myself there are still 50 plus days left. But I just heard Laura Bush say "Community organizer? I don't know what that is." And she's a librarian.