Friday, February 17


Minnesota is cold. Damn cold. This is nothing new, but I forget how cold cold can be until I actualy witness how the cold can grip you and cut straight to the bone.

But the warmth is also there, a warmth I do find lacking in NYC. I sometimes forget that it can be extremely easy to laugh, and laugh hard. I can tap into a level of confidence and comfort that I don't seem to be able to always get to in NYC.


There are certain things that make me so sad, certain things that I don't allow myself to have, that I deny myself. Why is that?

The is a grand pillow fight in Union Square on Saturday at 2pm and I'm going to miss it.


Nice bartender (?) purchased our table a round of car bombs last night. That was good.

Going out to dinner with 2 couples tonight. There will actually be 7 people at the table as both women are "with child." Ah, the world of bumps.

Last note: Jake showed me Yatta! today. I was unfamiliar with this new "fad" of Japanese culture. Wow. We realy did a number on their psyche, didn't we?