Tuesday, February 14

Bits and Pieces

Just tiny crumbs of things. The big things are not public things, so you just get the tiny ones.

I've been singing "Cheney's got a gun" in my head all day.

My Tivo did some massive upday thing. Not I can get internet radio and podcasts and it has two games and I can get moie tickets. I'm not a hundred percent I'll use any of this features, not it's nice to watch the slow creep of progress.

I get to see some massively great friends this week. And freeze my ass.

But I've frozen my ass here. We finally got snow here. Last year's blizzard seemed more massive to me. Perhaps it's just that I don't have to dig out a car anymore.

It doesn't look like Brooklyn's attempt to break the world record for The Largest Snowball Fight will happen this year. Insurane issues (and the fact that we've had no snow). Hopefully by next year.

Rollergirls is a curious show for me. Strange filter, I guess. I find it fascinating and truthful, but I'm just not sure that it can be understood by people who haven't seen "behind the curtain." And perhaps if they ARE "behind the curtain" they are too close to understand it.

I am enjoying this season of Survivor so far. I like the twist of Exile Island, even if it is a bit cheesetastic. Gamewise, it adds to the whole thing.

I have found myself with absolutely no desire to follow the Olympics. Absolutely none.