Thursday, July 9

Form of a....!

I am not sure why the Wonder Twins are such a pop culture reference for me. Perhaps it was that on Super Friends (which, let's be honest, the lamest name for a superhero show ever), they were the kids I could relate do. Not that I had a twin or anything. They were just yound. And had a purple space monkey. I always wanted a space monkey (of any color). Or it might have been, even when I was a wee lad, I undresttod how campy they were. (Is campy the right word? I have begun to realize that I am not 100% sure what camp is. Does it have to be intentional? I don't know.)

Anyway, I will, given any opportunity, yell "FORM OF A... BADGER! FOR OF A... ROCKETSHIP MADFE OF OF ICE!"

Here is some packaging for some new toys.

Awesome, right? Two things though:
1) Gleek is on the back/inside ofthe packaging... but do you actually get him as a figure? If not, SHAME MATTEL!
2) I love how Jayna gets a badass eagle has her form and Zan get a badass bucket of water.