Tuesday, April 7


The first movie was so deeply on target. I still contend that the 2nd movie added nothing. But my love for the first one and the amount of potential that was never realized (except to a minor extent in the animated series) has kept me hoping for more.

So there has been a certain amount of joy contected to the news of a 3rd movie. Especially rumors that Rick Morranis might come out of retiremen to be in it (oh, please, yes). No script yet and there won't be one until the summer.. since the writers are also writers on The Office. So all signs, so far, point to awesome.

But I am perhaps more excited by upcoming videogame.

The original Ghosterbusters game is a bit notorious. Most of it was about making money so you could pay for gas to drive around the city (because everyone knows THAT was what the main point ofthe movie was). Also, when you won you received this lovely message:
Conglaturation !!!
You have completed a great game.
And prooved the justice of our culture.
Now go and rest our heroes !
Because Ghosterbuster don't give a crap about spelling.

Anywhozits, the new game, has most of the voice talent from the orignial movies. (No Sigourney Weaver. But we really don't need Dana. We don't need a love interest, actually... but we are getting one voiced by Alyssa Milano. Try to not picture a Bill Murray/Alyssa Milano hook-up. Just don't.) What is most excitng is that it looks like they've nailed the visuals... and then turned them up to 11.

(As noted by Topless Robot, "Split Up" isn't a rule. Except that watching the damage the game lets you inflict is awesome-sauce. I envy those who went to ComicCon at got a taste of all this.)